Dogs get us off our couches, away from our screens, and outside into the world of nature. In 2016, we’re introducing The Wild is Calling! – an exciting program of workshops, classes and other events that will connect us with wild places in ourselves, teach us who our dogs really are, and give us a deeper appreciation of the natural world.

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Tired of those same old, same old, walking routes? Does exercising your dog feel like a chore these days? Kick it up a notch with Urban Agility Workouts!

Individually tailored to you, your dog, your neighborhood and schedule, each workout provides a personal introduction to cityscape opportunities for exercise and training with your dog.

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Play and Train

Outdoor training, socialization, and off-leash play. These classes adjust around everyone's needs, interests and levels of ability. Dogs must be sociable and trustworthy around people and other dogs, for everyone's enjoyment and safety. BYO picnic lunch, snacks and drinks provided.
Cost: $35

Nose Games Group

A chance to try out or go further with this new fun dog sport. Dogs love nose work! It's fun, builds confidence and focus, and is a good boredom buster. It's also great for dogs who are uncomfortable around other dogs, because only one dog works at a time. Nose work is a game you can play just for fun at home or on walks. It's also a competitive sport that you can take to the top. Find the level that suits you and your dog, and have a lot of fun together!
Cost: $20

Adventure Hike

Explore coastal range trails with an enthusiastic group of dogs and dog lovers, study dog-dog communication and play styles, and build off-leash training skills on the fly. Moderate fitness level required. Dogs must be friendly around other dogs on-leash and off-leash.
Cost: $15

Canine Good Citizen Classes
Prepare for the Canine Good Citizen test in a supportive group, with a forest walk or creek paddle as a reward at the end of class.
Cost: $25

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Three days of fun and training in a gorgeous outdoor setting.
Nature games (forest agility, river games, treasure hunt, barn games), K9 Nose Work, toy making, hiking, swimming, creek paddles, and more! Activities galore - with a special twist. Every activity is designed for dog-reactive dogs – especially their need for space, solo activities, and a high staff-to-working team ratio. Presented in partnership by City Dog Country Dog and Synergy Behavior Solutions.

Call of the Wild Reactive Dog Camp:
Working teams:
$625* (one dog, 1-2 family members)
$575* (“Early Dog” Special - for registrations received before May 31, 2016)

Active auditors:
$250* per person
$200* (for registrations received before May 31, 2016)

*Includes all activities, handouts, snacks, drinks and dinner on Saturday night. Pre-order boxed lunches (Saturday & Sunday, $15 per meal). Breakfasts and Friday dinner not included.

Accommodation is not included. Off-site, dog-friendly lodging options can be found at

September 9-11, 2016

Yachats, Central Oregon Coast

Registration opens February 15, 2016

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Where do you find safe dogs to expose your puppy to? How do you teach your pup to play well with others? We can help!
Our Puppy Social Program offers one-on-one and small group socializing experiences for puppies and young dogs.

City Puppy
In the Portland metro area, the program is staffed by Heather Ohmart and her team of therapy dogs and young service dogs-in-training. It includes:

  • Drop-in puppy socials
  • Puppy meet-ups
  • Puppy play groups
  • Day boarding
  • Remedial socialization

Country Puppy
On the Central Oregon Coast (Lincoln City to Yachats), Caroline Spark and Julie Callow offer fun group activities that build sociability and skills:

  • Drop-in puppy socials
  • Puppy meet-ups
  • Puppy Play & Train classes
  • Remedial socialization

The clock is ticking! Puppies need to have lots of positive experiences of the world before they are 4 months old to help them mature into calm, confident adults. We would love to help you make that happen for your puppy. Contact us for more details!