We provide private coaching, information, and emotional support at all stages of the training process, for owner-trained service dogs, skilled companions, emotional support dogs, and dogs who engage in animal-assisted activities and therapy work.

We offer remedial training for dogs with behavior problems that have arisen in the course of their assistance or therapy work. We also conduct public access testing for owner-trained service dogs.

A Dog’s Dream Foundation

Especially in urban settings, service dogs are exposed to stress every day. They must devote focus, time, and energy to carrying out tasks, exercising self-control, managing complex environments, and dealing with sensory overload. A Dog’s Dream organizes and funds Relax and Recharge retreats for assistance dogs, therapy dogs, puppies in training, and their handlers.

Like people, dogs have dreams – things they would love to do if only they had the chance! Please consider making a donation to make a helping dog’s dreams come true!