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Walking dog in woods

Service & Therapy

We work with people and dogs to form helping
partnerships and enhance quality of life at both ends
of the leash.


Helping dogs, helping people

City Dog Country Dog provides private coaching, information, and emotional support at all stages of the training process, for owner-trained service dogs, skilled companions, emotional support dogs, and dogs who engage in animal-assisted activities and therapy work. We also conduct Public Access Testing for owner-trained service dogs.

We offer remedial training for dogs with behavior problems that have arisen in the course of assistance or therapy work. In addition, we assist with quality of life issues wherever needed, helping service dog handlers and their families to find ways to allow their helping dogs plenty of opportunity to relax and enjoy just being a dog.

Owner-training a service dog is a major project, with many risks and pitfalls along the way. City Dog Country Dog aims to provide accurate, realistic and up to date information and advice to people who are considering training their own service dog.

Service & Therapy

“When our family decided we wanted to train a Service Dog from puppyhood, we knew we would need to have lots of energy and patience through the process. But it wasn’t until our puppy, Luca, arrived that we truly understood the challenges and demands of a puppy. Caroline and her team have been incredibly supportive in preparing for, and raising Luca. We’ve been so grateful for the tools, techniques, and solutions that the City Dog Country Dog team has equipped our family with, and we can’t imagine going through this experience with anyone else. Thank you so much for your compassion, encouragement, and availability through this process!”

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A Dog’s Dream Retreat Story
Training My Own Service Dog: A Conversation

A Dog's Dream Project

A Dog’s Dream organizes and funds retreats for assistance dogs, therapy dogs, puppies in training, and their handlers.

Especially in urban settings, helping dogs are exposed to stress every day. They must devote focus, time, and energy to carrying out tasks, exercising self-control, managing complex environments, and dealing with sensory overload. Like people, dogs have dreams – things they would love to do if only they had the chance!

Helping dogs allow people with disabilities and others with special needs to realize dreams. So these dogs especially deserve to have some of their own dreams come true from time to time – in the form of the vacation of a lifetime!

A Dog’s Dream is a collaborative project jointly organized by City Dog Country Dog and Oregon Coast Therapy Animals, its sponsoring body. A Dog’s Dream was founded by Caroline Spark, its current Executive Director. City Dog Country Dog contributes event organization, fundraising efforts, volunteer vacation staff, and other resources.

Please consider making a donation to make a helping dog’s dreams come true!

Therapy Dog
“Trouble is inevitable, misery is optional” is the motto of PSTD service dog GG’s partner. This photo was taken just after GG passed her Public Access Test with no trouble at all!
Service dogs just wanna have fun too! Sweet Peaches is a hearing dog in-training. She enjoys romping with trainer Jacqui’s dog, Takoda, in between training sessions.
Tyler on the job! Tyler is a young Oorang Airedale, working hard on Public Access manners and foundation training for mobility assistance.