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In-home Private Training
& Behavior Consultation

Does your dog become stressed in a class setting,
or have behavior problems that are best addressed
one-to-one? Do you prefer the convenience and privacy
of an in-home coach? Private, in-home training brings
professional expertise, understanding and support right
to your door when you most need it.


Private training helps with:

  • Building a solid foundation in basic manners (such as coming when called, polite greetings, kitchen and table manners, walking on a loose leash)
  • Addressing common behavior problems like chewing, digging, jumping, barking, and housetraining issues
  • Addressing emotionally-based problems such shyness, fearful behavior, impulsivity, reactivity or aggression towards people or other dogs, separation distress, compulsive behaviors.
  • Tackling life-stage challenges: puppyhood, adolescence, maturity, aging and end-of-life issues.
  • Exploring new ways to meet your dog’s needs for physical exercise and mental stimulation, and enjoy your lives together!

All consultations are accompanied by: Detailed notes, handouts, follow-up phone or email contact, and referral to adjunctive services or other resources as needed.

Excerpts from a Diary of a New Dog Owner
Rehabbing a Fearful Dog
Two Paws Up for Onyx


Brisket needed help with his fear of new people. An in-home behavior consultation demonstrated how to build confidence and trust.


Frida is a dog who loved people a bit too much. Her in-home training sessions helped her to mange her enthusiasm and greet people more politely.


Bingo had all sorts of problems when he was adopted from a shelter: including fear of people and reactivity towards dogs. But he hit the jackpot with his third home, and some help from City Dog Country Dog.

~Roseanna and Jeff, with Bingo

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