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In-home Private Training
& Behavior Consultation

Does your dog become stressed in a class setting,
or have behavior problems that are best addressed
one-to-one? Do you prefer the convenience and privacy
of an in-home coach? Private, in-home training brings
professional expertise, understanding and support right
to your door when you most need it.


Private training helps with:

  • Building a solid foundation in basic manners (such as coming when called, polite greetings, kitchen and table manners, walking on a loose leash)
  • Addressing common behavior problems like chewing, digging, jumping, barking, and housetraining issues
  • Addressing emotionally-based problems such shyness, fearful behavior, impulsivity, reactivity or aggression towards people or other dogs, separation distress, compulsive behaviors.
  • Tackling life-stage challenges: puppyhood, adolescence, maturity, aging and end-of-life issues.
  • Exploring new ways to meet your dog’s needs for physical exercise and mental stimulation, and enjoy your lives together!

All consultations are accompanied by: Detailed notes, handouts, follow-up phone or email contact, and referral to adjunctive services or other resources as needed.

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Excerpts from a Diary of a New Dog Owner
Rehabbing a Fearful Dog
Two Paws Up for Onyx

Brisket needed help with his fear of new people. An in-home behavior consultation demonstrated how to build confidence and trust.
Frida is a dog who loved people a bit too much. Her in-home training sessions helped her to mange her enthusiasm and greet people more politely.

Bingo had all sorts of problems when he was adopted from a shelter: including fear of people and reactivity towards dogs. But he hit the jackpot with his third home, and some help from City Dog Country Dog.

“We adopted a one-year old hound, Bingo, from the SPCA. He was on his third home, and was difficult to place. He had become extremely reactive on leash, to the point that he could not be taken for a walk where there was a chance for any encounter with people, much less dogs. Barking, lunging, howling – scaring people and making for a completely exhausting walk, not to mention how upset he would get. Even in the house, if Bingo would see a person walking on the sidewalk across the street from our house, or a bicyclist, he would have a similar over-the-top reaction. We could not bring people to our home because he could not overcome this behavior. We were lucky enough to have been provided Karolin’s name as a potential trainer, and asked for her help. This was the best decision we could have possibly made. Karolin worked with us to identify that Bingo was afraid of people, and that his reactivity to dogs was a desperate desire to play. She designed a training plan accordingly.

We picked Karolin because of her positive reinforcement approach – she recommended that if we were willing to invest some time to build trust with our new dog, we could give him corrective positive experiences over and over again, and that this was the key to changing his behavior permanently. She was totally right: his improvement over 6 months has been nothing short of miraculous! He can now go for walks every day where he sees many people nearby and he can now walk past people without any reaction at all. He has made similar improvements with encountering other dogs. Karolin worked in person, step by step with us, showing us specific techniques for training and bonding with Bingo while at home, working with us in our yard, and out on walks. Her very specific methods, which she tailors to us and to our dog, are things we would never have thought to do; and she was incredibly supportive through the ups and downs. She clearly understands dogs very deeply, and her explanations were very eye-opening. Our dog is now very happy, much more relaxed, and deeply bonded to us. As a bonus, he can now come when called, sit and wait at the door until given permission to go out, and “leave it” – an indispensible instruction when he wants to chase squirrels, grab socks, or eat unknown tidbits he finds on walks.

All of this was accomplished by Karolin teaching us kind, compassionate training, which was what we wanted – we wanted nothing to do with choke or shock collars or punishment training. It takes time but Karolin showed us how to have a dog who listens because he trusts us, not because he fears us. She truly saved this dog’s life, a pet who is a member of our family, and we cannot thank her enough.”

~Roseanna and Jeff, with Bingo