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Meredith Haynes

Meredith began training dogs at 8 years of age in 4-H and always knew animals would be a big part of her life. After applying her undergraduate psychology training to assisting families experiencing domestic violence, her heartstrings pulled her towards a career in helping dogs with behavior problems. In addition to her behavior consulting work, Meredith has worked for the past eight years at Dog Gone Happy daycare in Portland, where she developed a special interest in canine group dynamics.

I, my girlfriend, and our dogs really enjoyed Meredith’s training visit and learned a great deal. Our dog Lucy has trouble with leash reactivity, but she is already making great strides and I’m feeling much more confident when we’re on our walks. I actually look forward to occasions when we spot a dog at a distance because I know Lucy will perform her U-turn perfectly and we’ll have yet another good experience under our belts.

We really appreciated the way Meredith listened to us and observed our dogs and our routines with such patience and positivity. I think we were nervous that we’d face judgment or find out that we’re doing everything wrong. But Meredith tried to understand our situation and make recommendations that were in keeping with our current approach and circumstances. I mean, obviously, I’d want someone to tell us if we were really making big mistakes, but it would be hard to use the advice of anyone who came in with a lot of impractical suggestions and said, “well, you need to get a big house with a yard and never do this and always do that and buy a lot of new equipment” and so on. It also inspired confidence in us that Meredith so quickly saw past the dogs’ initial unwelcoming behavior and picked up on how sweet and affectionate they really are. The fact that they warmed to her so quickly–and that she showed such enthusiasm for getting to know them–really made us feel comfortable working with her. She’s friendly, warm, and trustworthy and her methods are very effective! Thank you so much!

Mark Bilbrey, with Lucy

I found Meredith to be helpful, very knowledgeable, able to explain things so that I can understand them; gave ME positive reinforcement, & re-directed me as needed. She gave helpful examples to further my understanding; & she was also direct & honest, no rose-colored-glasses. Our Emmie girl may have “issues” w/ strangers/guests in our home certainly for a long time, maybe forever. But we feel more confident that we can help her & certainly better manage her behavior.
I am eager to put into practice some of the ideas/techniques that Meredith showed us, & also will be eager to meet with her again.

Claire Rusunen


MS Animal Behavior Counseling (American College of Applied Science)
BS (Portland State University


Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA – CCPDT #2143681)

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Association of Pet Dog Trainers (Member #82961)

Meredith Haynes