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About Us

OUR MISSION: City Dog Country Dog offers premium
professional dog training and behavioral change solutions.
Our innovative training and life enrichment programs are
custom-designed to suit your lifestyle and address your needs.
Convenient, effective and long-lasting, they teach new skills,
address behavior problems, and bring your dog into balance.

Our programs take the burden of training from you, while
providing a realistic plan of action for maintaining your dog’s
progress, and offering follow-up support services if required.


Dog-friendly and… people-friendly too!
Life for people and dogs can be stressful these days. The pace of life makes dog training difficult for many people, and untrained dogs are hard to live with. Left unattended, natural dog behaviors like chewing, digging, jumping, and barking easily become problem behaviors. Some dogs are under-stimulated; others are so wound up they cannot relax or control themselves. Some suffer from emotional disturbances that manifest in particularly difficult behavior, such as aggression.

We tackle these problems for you, giving you and your dog a fresh start, and a solid foundation on which to build your life together. In all cases, our focus is on what works for you and your dog.

Our training techniques are:

  • Effective
  • Enjoyable for your dog
  • Easy for you to maintain
  • Science-based
  • Relationship-focused
  • Geared to your dog’s home environment

We understand from first-hand experience how it feels to live with a dog with behavior problems. We have lived with dogs with a variety of health and behavior issues, and specialize in working with emotionally-based behavior problems such as reactivity, aggression, and separation distress. We know what it is like to feel hopeful, enthusiastic, frustrated, despairing, and exhausted because of a dog, and how family relationships can be disrupted when a dog is new to the home or develops behavior problems. Be assured that your feelings, your relationship with your dog, and your family situation will be taken into account in the solutions we offer.

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